If you’re searching for a quick and easy gift, a custom wood cutting board with vinyl can’t be beat.

I enjoy applying vinyl to wooden cutting boards and always use the hinge method to keep the vinyl straight and centered.

Begin by determining the dimensions of your wood cutting board. This one cost me less than $15 on Amazon. It’s ready to use right away, with no sanding or staining required.

If your cutting board has a handle like mine, all you need to do is measure the area where the vinyl decal will fit comfortably. That’s a 12″ x 5.5″ area for me.

Use the Draw a Box tool in Silhouette Studio to create a box of the same size. This will assist you in properly scaling your cutting board designs to match the available area.

how to size a design in silhouette studio

You’d like to open or merge the chopped files now. I’m utilizing two TheCreativen Christmas cut files. The swirly Christmas tree cut file may be found here, as well as the Farmhouse Christmas design. I purposefully chose one vertical and one horizontal design so that I could use my cutting board both vertically and horizontally.

Simply size each design to fit within the box you drew.

how do I size a design in silhouette studio to fit

Go to the Send panel when you’re ready to cut. From the material list, choose Vinyl, Glossy. I would recommend raising the force to 14 and turning on the segment line over cut from the default settings.

best silhouette cut settings for vinyl

Prepare your mat and material, then send the design to your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait for cutting. I’m using a Silhouette CAMEO 4 and a Silhouette CAMEO 4 blade that’s 1mm thick.

Weed the vinyl once the design has been cut. Because there are so many small and detailed pieces on this swirly Christmas tree, I reverse weeded the vinyl.

Place a piece of transfer tape over the entire vinyl decal when you’ve finished weeding.

how to put transfer tape on vinyl

Remove the backing from the record but do not remove the vinyl yet. To put the vinyl straight and centered, we’ll utilize the vinyl hinge method.

Grab a ruler and a roll of tape and place the entire page on top of your cutting board.

To assist center the vinyl decal as it sits on the cutting board, use the ruler (I use a sewing gauge for exact gauging). Grab a piece of tape long enough to go over the entire pattern and place it down the center like a hinge once it’s centered.

hinge method to apply vinyl on wood cutting board

Make sure the design is centered one more time.

Separate the transfer tape and the vinyl from the vinyl backing on one side of the tape hinge.

Remove the backing using scissors.

how to do the hinge method to apply vinyl

Then, again, place the transfer tape with the vinyl decal directly on the cutting board.

The design will now be held in place by the transfer tape.

what is the hinge method to center vinyl

You can now remove the tape hinge and lift the other side of the design to peel off the vinyl backing. 

remove hinge vinyl

Lay that side back down. 

hinge method vinyl 2

The full vinyl design is now ready to be cut. Burnish it well, then pull off the transfer tape from one of the corners, leaving the vinyl on the wood cutting board.

how to put vinyl on wood cutting board
how to apply vinyl to wood cutting board 1

See how easy it is to apply vinyl on wood cutting boards?!  

IMG 9152

If you are making a double sided cutting board flip it over and repeat the process. 

IMG 9152 1

Because vinyl is not food safe, these cutting boards with vinyl are truly only for decoration, but if you insist on using them for more than just stunning DIY farmhouse décor, you could seal them with a food safe sealer!

IMG 9150

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